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Ocala Electric Utility

Ocala Electric Utility

1805 Northeast 30th Avenue, Bldg 400
Ocala, FL 34470
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Tyler Puckett Office Administrator
Alexander L. Kinsey Lineman
Angel Jacobs City Clerk
Angel Padilla Telecomunications Fiber Network Foreman
Anna McCurry Utility Billing Analyst
Anthony E. Salerno Planning Engineer
Anthony Webber Fiscal Operations Supervisor
Ashley Dobbs Marketing and Communication Manager
Ashley Presley Customer Service Supervisor
Barbara Clarey-Romaine Administrative Specialist III
Benjamin Crum Lineman
Bill Kauffman Assistant City Manager
Brandi Martinez Customer Service Representative
Brent Malever Councilman
Candida Riddle Administrative Specialist III
Carolyn Giese Municipal Billing Analyst
Chad Lynch System Operations Center Supervisor
Charlene Pollette Financial Analyst
Cheryl Falke Customer Service Representative
Cheryl Friedman Utiltiy Billing Analyst
Chris Henry Electric T&D Supervisor
Christopher Hagins Electrical Engineer I
Christopher Meeks Chief Electric System Operator
Cindy Albritton Utility Billing Analyst II
Clinton D. Bishop Lineman
Daniel J. Santos Utility Billing Analyst
Dawn Potter
Emory Roberts Director of Finance & Customer Service
Eric Weaver Engineer
Erin Hankins Customer Service Rep
G. Bryon Hart Electrical Engineering Tech
Geramika Butler Customer Service Representative
Glen A. Moehling Utility Safety/Training Coordinator
Grant Booth Electrical Operations Technology Administrator
Harry Lovell Working Foreman
Henry D. Pearson
James Agin
James Melvin Poole Director (Ocala Fiber Network)
Jason Cohen Fiber Network Specialist
Jason Rhodes Engineering Tech
Jason S. Rampley Lineman
Jay Musleh Council President
Jeannine Robbins Strategic & Legislative Affairs Administrator
Jennifer Constable Engineering Tech
Jess W. Knight Lineman
John L. Glenn Lineman
Jonathan Delicate Customer Service Specialist
Justin Grabelle Council President Pro Tem
Leanne Heinkel Customer Service Supervisor
Lisa Crouthamel Project Manager
Lori Boley Executive Assistant to the City Manager
Lourdes Ramos Office Administrative
Marie Brooks Utilities Fiscal Manager
Marsha Harrinaraine Customer Service Specialist
Marvin Ayala Deputy Director of Electric Utility
Mathew Brown Lineman
Matthew Lowery Lineman
Matthew Wardell Councilcman
Melissa Baker Administrative Specialist III
Melissa Davis Customer Service Representative
Melissa Demetropoulos Electric Meter Account Specialist
Michael Fanelli Line Crew Foreman
Michaela Powell Customer Service Representative
Neville Bowen Compliance Manager
Nicholas Galvan Customer Service Specialist
Nicholas M. Rector Lineman
Omayra Santiago Customer Service Representative
Pam Knight Data Analyst
Paul Sookdeo Electrical Engineering Tech
Pete Baker Electric Substation Supervisor
Peter Brill CGFO Assistant Director of Finance & Customer Service
Quinton Vinson Customer Service Lead
R. Kent Guinn Mayor
Ramona Williams Customer Service Supervisor
Randolph S. Hahn Electric Engineering Supervisor
Raymond Baker Sr. Journeyman Meter Tech
Raymond Minor Tree Trimmer II
Rebecca Garbade GIS Analysts
Regina Frazier Assistant Director of Finance
Robert Bastel City Attorney
Robert Rotella GIS
Sandra Castillo Customer Service Rep
Sandra R. Wilson
Sandra R. Wilson City Manager
Stephanie Macarages Utility Billing Supervisor
Stephen M. Nice Lineman
Steve Short Electrical Engineer I
Susan Piazza Customer Service Rep
Tammi Haslam Budget & Management
Tammy E. Sherouse Customer Service Supervisor
Tammy Hoff Public Education & Outreach Coordinator
Terri Thomas Administrative Specialist III
Tim Bloom General Foreman
Tony Clayton Supervisor, Public Education & Outreach
Tyler S. Homan Lineman
Veronica Martinez Customer Service Manager
William Douglas Peebles Electric Meter Supervisor
William Gronlund Deputy Director
William Rios
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