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21 West Church Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
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Nancy Kilgo Veasey Director, Government Relations
Akiesha Johnson Manager of Project Accounting
Alan D. McElroy VP, Supply Chain & Operations Support
Alan Goldman TA Manager
Allyssa Petersen Financial Analyst
Amy Deschler Relay Technician
Andrew Lohman Certified System Operator
Andy Bemis Labor Relations Specialist
Angel Vilchez Manager Electric Distribution Operations
Angelia Hiers Interim Chief Human Resouces Officer
Becky Musselwhite Supply Chain Specialist
Benjamin Byrd Senior Operations Analyst
Bill Kearson Director Information Security
Bill Wright Underground Network & Cablesplicing Foreman
Branden Prato Staff Technician
Brandon Edwards Director of Security
Brandon Ruggiero Protection and Controls Technician
Brian Curry Associate Technician
Brian Roche Interim Chief Financial Officer
Bruce Dugan Interim Chief Customer Officer
Bruno Martinez Performance Management Coordinator
Carol Higley
Charlotte Jones Account Executive
Cheryl Mock Office Support Associate
Christopher Crane Manager Facilities Operations
Christopher DeRoma Outreach Specialist
Christopher Fisher IT Project Manager
Christopher Lamb Cable Splicer
Colin Roddy Senior Purchasing Agent
Cory Clark Mechanical Technician
Darrell Ruger I&C Technician
Dave McKee Manager, Customer Solutions
David Goldberg Director, Customer and Community Engagement
David Williams Manager, District Energy Operations
Deonna Mathis Customer Experience Training Specialist
Don Wucker
Done Smith Certified Power Plant Operator
Donna Parker Account Executive
Edgar A. Gutierrez Manager, Customer Solutions
Eileen Connolly
Eliana Franco Account Executive, Business Client Relationships
Elvia S. Williams
Elvia S. Williams Communication Specialist
Elvin Abellana Electric Systems Engineer
Frederick Kerber
Gabor Acs Senior Director
Gary Vondrasek Manager, Telecom Sales & Services
Gerald Butler Manager Customer Experience
Gerald C. McInarnay Energy Efficiency Analyst
GiGi Carroll Manager Business Client Relationships
Gregory Corcoran Manager, Community Involvement & Project Outreach
Gretchen Altman Safety & Health Specialist
Gwen Tarpley-Davis Manager Payroll Services
Hal Vu Interim GM Water and Wastewater Systems
Howard Mullis Journeyman Lineman
James Yeager Manager, Electric Distribution and Maintenance
Janie Smalley Manager, Customer Experience Policy & Accuracy
Jasen Hutchinson Manager, Records
Jason Wittkopp Meter Specialist Senior
Jay Magee Manager, Digital Communications
Jay Stowe Managing Director and CEO
Jennell Milton Executive Assistant
Jennifer Connell Manager, Organizational Development
Jennifer Johns Support Specialist for T&D Maintenance
Jennifer Nelson Fuels Administrator Senior
Jeramie Jefferson Manager, Customer Contacts
Jeremy Mathews Director, Energy Distribution
Jerry Creel Senior Manager, Energy Construction & Maintenance
Jessica Dotson Process Controls Manager
Jim Stancin Director, Energy Production
Jody Brooks Chief Legal Counsel
Joe Orfano Interim CFO & Treasurer
John Baker JEA Board, Chair
John Coarsey Director, Energy Planning
John M. Funches Manager, Conservation & Efficiency Field Services
John Pitre Manager, Electric Distribution Construction
John Sposato Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
John W. Norse Manager, Distribution Projects
John Whitten Transformer Shop Technician
Jonathan Andrews Meter Specialist Senior
Jonathan E. Micke Account Executive
Jordan A. Pope Manager, Government Relations
Jose Jaramillio Underground Utility Locator
Joseph DiSalvo JEA Board
Joseph King Safety Specialist
Josh Brown Lineman
Josh Ring Mechanical Technician
Joshua Hodges Safety and Health Specialist
Joy Gutos Manager, Internal Communications
K Owens Technology Program Manager
Keith Fouraker Manager, Energy C&M Analytics
Keith Hodges Operating Engineer
Keith Joiner GIS Business Analyst
Ken Nikkola
Kendra Burke Manager, IT Compliance
Kerry Lewis Waste Water Operator Maintainer
Kevin Fernandez Bilingual Customer Advisor III
Kevin Holbrooks Director Environmental
Kris K. Rosenhauer Director, Standards & Utility Services
Kristen Head Digital Communications Coordinator
Kristin Anderson Mgr, CT Maint & Ops
Kurtis Wilson Interim Chief Government Affairs Officer
Laura Dutton Chief Strategy Officer
Laura Gutteridge Anos Manager, Financial Accounting & Reporting
Leon Haley JEA Board
Leonard Holton Technical Utility Specialist
Leslie Nelson Coordinator
Lindsay Starner Environmental Manager
Lisa Jennings Coordinator
Lisa Summerlin Staff Tech
Luke Byous Energy Efficiency Analyst
Marc Rasor Electric Systems Engineer
Margaret Limbaugh Director, Energy Project Management
Maria Salgueiro HR Business Partner, Electric Group
Marion Kerns
Marisa Carbone Manager Mulitmedia Production
Mark Breedlove Technical Development Specialist
Mark Willis Technical Trainer
Marty Lanahan JEA Board, Secretary
Mary L. Moran Manager, Electric Generation Planning
Matt Lundeen Manager System Analysis
Matthew Poteet Associate Manager Facilities Capital Projects
Matthew Walters Mechanical Technician
Melanie Newton-Green Associate Manager, Facility Support Services
Melinda Fischer Manager Customer Solutions
Mercy Castillo Customer Contacts Manager
Michael A. Colley Meter Specialist Foreman
Michael Sasan Electric Standards Specialist
Monica Edenfield Mgr ERP Systems
Natasha Jackson Energy Efficiency Analyst
Nick Evans Mgr. Quality Assurance & Environmental Compliance
Nicole Pugh Manager, Business Support Center
OW Young Director
Patricia Maillis Director Employee Services
Patrick Banks Troubleman
Patrick M. Duffy Staff Engineer
Paul Thomas Manager, Safety & Health Services
Rachelle Weir Procurement Vendor Specialist
Randy Hilton Operations Analyst Senior
Ray Harris GIS Staff Technician
Raymond Butts Certified Machinist / Planner
Rene Brown Staff Engineer
Renee Goode Government Relations Coordinator
Richard Erb Meter Technician
Ricky Erixton Interim General Manager Electric Systems
Rob Hagen System Administrator
Robert Hahn
Robert Stein JEA Board, Vice Chair
Robert T. Growcock Director, Residential Customer Contacts
Robin Flores Electric Systems Engineer
Roger A. Parker Safety & Health Specialist
Rosemary Crowder Office Support Specialist
Russell J. Durham Manager, Electric T&D Planning
Ryan C. Heaton Distribution Engineer
Scott Nordeng Substation Technician
Senovia L. Portis Public Records Coordinator
Sharon A. Patterson Director, Safety & Workforce Development
Shavon Core Office Support Specialist
Sheila Pressley SVP, Chief Customer Officer
Simone Garvey-Ewan Media Relations Coordinator
Sonja Lee Manager Talent Acquisition Services
Stephen Datz Interim Chief Information Officer
Steve Cravey Senior Meter Specialist
Steven Martin Trainer
Steven R. Lawrence Associate Program Manager
Steven Tuten Interim Chief Compliance Officer
Susan Pokorny Associate Program Manager
Tammy Folsom Customer Care Consultant III
Tawana Simmons Community Engagement Coordinator
Thomas VanOsdol JEA Board
Timothy Hunt Director, Customer & Utility Analytics
Timothy Leigh
Timothy R. Konopka Electric Maintenance Coordinator
Traci J. Day Account Executive
Tyrus Wainwright Operator Maintainer
Vicki Nichols Director, Customer Solutions + Market Development
Victoria Lewis Talent Acquisition Specialist
Virginia DeRoma Account Executive
Walt Hiscox Sr. Manager, Energy Distribution C&M
Warren DiNapoli Manager, Utility Locate Services
Wayne Young Interim Chief Environmental Officer
Wenming Zhao Electrical Engineer
William Bumgarner Power Plant Operator
William T. Conway GIS Tech III
Zachary Faison JEA Board
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