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Gainesville Regional Utilities

Gainesville Regional Utilities

PO Box 147117
Gainesville, FL 32614
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David Warm Communications Director
Aaron Neiss Lineman
Accounts Payable
Adrian Hayes-Santos Commissioner
Alana Swanigan Legal Assistant to Lisa Bennett & Sean McDermott
Alandya Brutton Customer Service Manager
Allen Crawford Utility Project Team Lead
Amanda M. Reed Staff Specialist
Amber Bush Supervisor - Customer Service
Amber Fagan Operations Assistant
Amber Kelly Operations Assistant
Amy Carpus Residential Efficiency Program Coordinator 3
Amy Tavakouli Energy Supply, Executive Assistant, Senior
Andrew K. Key Lineman
Anquette Graham Administrative Professional
Anthony Carroll Professional Engineer Energy Delivery Engineering Manager
Anthony Cunningham Water/Wastewater Officer
April Johnson Customer Service Supervisor
Ashley Kolosky Executive Assistant Sr.
Atawa W. Rollins Senior Account Executive
Barrie Corp Supply Chain Manager
Becky Scalese Administrative Professional
Beverly Roberts Technical Systems Analyst 1
Brad Thomas Electric Systems Operation Coordinator
Brandi Shatto Staff Specialist
Brittany Oliver Staff Specialist
Brittany Yvonne Ferguson Customer Service Representative II
Candice Chambers Technical Analyst 2
Carmen Burse Sr Executive Assistant
Casey Birmingham Staff Assistant
Cason T. Nessmith
Chase Werther Communications Specialist
Cheryl McBride Chief People Officer
Christina Jones CSR 2
Christine A. Wies Electric Transmission & Distribution
Christine Kunkel Executive Assistant, Sr.
Christopher C. Morrow
Chuck S. Heidt P.E. Projeect Engineer
Claudia Rasnick Chief Financial Officer
Dalton M. Thacker Lineman
Dana Gauthier
Daniel P. Ash Lineman
Daniel R. Jester Lineman
Darko Kovac P.E. System Control Manager
Darris Friend Utility Project Team Leader III
David Arreloa Commissioner
David E. Beaulieu AGM, Energy Delivery
David E. Owens Compliance Officer
David Sheheane Lineman
Dino De Leo
Dino De Leo Energy Supply Officer
Edward Bielarski General Manager
Eric Harris
Eric Harris Electric Systems Operations Manager
Erica P. Stephens Staff Specialist
Ericka Jackson Analyst Lead, Next Day Generation Planner
Ernie Hodge Electric Measurement & Regulation Manager
Eva Del Valle Business Services Manager
Gabriel Blake Utilities Location Coordinator
Gail Johnson Commissioner
Gary Baysinger Energy Delivery Officer
Gary L. McKenzie Utility Safety & Training Facilitator
Gigi Simmons Commissioner
Glenda Russell Community Relations Coordinator
Harvey Ward Commissioner
Herb Firsching Customer Operations Director
J. Lewis Walton Chief Business Service Officer
James J. Gilmartin Engineer Utility Designer
James J. Mathews Energy Delivery Engineering Manager
James Lennon Senior Analyst
Jamie Verschage Managing Analyst
Janelle A. Alexander ICS Planning Section Coordinator (gray sky)
Jared Maes Lineman
Jason T. Gore
Jeanice Morris Utility Services Supervisor
Jeff Garteiser Principal Engineer Utility Designer
Jennifer Rushing Administrative Professional
Jerome Hoffer Energy Delivery Facilities Specialist Supervisor
JJ Brown Lineman
Joann Cathcart Utilities Material Specialist Sr.
JoAnn Hutcherson Administrative Professional
John F. Rotolante Customer Service Representative SR
John L. Reger Lineman
John S. Elliott Business Efficiency Program Coordinator
Johnny W. Muniz Engineer Utility Designer 2
Joshua Tracy Senior Accountant
Josue Sanchez Principal Planning Engineer
Julia Bruno New Services Specialist
Julia K. Hannah Operations Assistant
Justin Dickerson
Kaitlyn SImonson Staff Assistant
Karen Mills GRU Staff Specialist
Katherine Liles Staff Specilaist
Katherine Mockler Assistant City Attorney
Katisha Anderson Account Clerk Senior
Keino Young Utilities Attorney
Kevin Price Electric T&D Manager
Kevin Saintvil Customer Service Representative
Kimberly Robertson Operations Assistant
Kinn'zon Hutchinson Interim Chief Customer Officer
Kisha Ellis Billing & Customer Solutions Supervisor
Kjaristy Fogarty Electric Delivery Facilities Specialist
Kristie Williams Facilities Maintenance, Manager
Kyle Pendarvis
LaTasha Griffin Customer Accounts Rep Sr
Laura Voitle Executive Assistant, Senior
Lauren Poe Mayor
Leslie L. Brittin Utility GIS Technician
Lisa Bennett Senior Assistant City Attorney
Lisa Hansen Customer Service Analyst Sr
Lisa Jefferson Human Resources Director
Lisa Julseth Administrative Professional
Lisa Polsen Staff Specialist
Lori Wiggins Customer Service Rep I
LuAnne Watson Recovery Assurance Supervisor
Lucas Thompson Lineman
Luke Thompson Lineman
Lydia Pezzullo Executive Assistant
Martine Davis Billing & Customer Solutions Specialist
Matt Bruce
Matt Bruce Residential Efficiency Program Coordinator
Matt Stanwix-Hay Lineman
Meayki Batie Staff Specialist
Michael A. Morgan
Michael Dybevick
Michael Grimme
Michael McCabe Senior Account Manager
Mikell Neiss
Milvia Hidalgo Engineer Utility Designer 4
Octavia Williams Customer Service Supervisor
Omichele Gainey Clerk of Commission
Pam Dalziel Energy Services Supervisor
Patricia Marsh Senior Accountant
Phimetto Lewis Customer Service Representative II
Quintin Polly Billing & Customer Solutions Specialist
R. Solon Bellot Energy Delivery Training Coordinator
Rachel Meek Senior Account Executive
Ray P. Jordan Electric Systems Operations Manager
Regina Smith Community Relations Coordinator
Reina Saco Commissioner
Rene Zamot Electrical Engineer 4
Richard B. Smith Electric T&D Training Coordinator
Rita Strother Executive Assistant Sr.
Rob Klemans Supervising Engineer
Robbin Odowski Procurement Specialist II
Robin Baxley Officer Coordinator - General Manager's Office
Robin Webb Executive Assistant, Sr.
S. Yvette Carter Community & Government Relations Officer
Samuel Bailey
Scott Holowasko
Shandra Changra
Shanita L. Dunmore Customer Experience Manager
Shannon D. Brown Electric Measurement Tech
Sharon Y. Causey Energy Delivery T&D Support Supervisor
Shian Sparks Analyst, Work & Resources Management
Stephen Cooper EAM Engineer
Steve Stagliano Administrative Services, Director
Susan Boyd Energy Delivery Analyst
Susie A. Frazier Energy Systems Dispatcher
Tammie Sanders Analyst Senior
Tara Thomas Manager - Energy & Business Services
Tequila Brooks Customer Service Supervisor
Terri Anguish Staff Specialist
Thomas R. Brown
Thomas R. Brown Chief Operating Officer
Tony Holstein Electric Systems Operations Manager
Tony Smith
Torri Messer Business Systems Analyst Sr
Tracy Wohl EDFS Supervisor
Travis Hart Lineman
Walter Banks Chief Information Officer
Wayne Wishart
Wendy Mercer Technical Support Specialist III
William Dougherty Warehouse Supervisor
William Shepherd Chief Customer Officer
Ziaur Rahman Utility Project / Team Leader
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