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Fort Pierce Utilities Authority

Fort Pierce Utilities Authority

PO Box 3191
Fort Pierce, FL 34948
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Jann Widmayer Community Relations Manager
Ana Maria Johnson Business Development Officer
Andrea Trasferini Utilities Accountant
Antonio Gonzalez Line Specialist
Barbara Mika Director of Finance
Bowdoin Hutchinson Director of Water/Wastewater Systems
Carmelo Signorelli Utility Locate Foreman
Charles Alford Apprentice Line Specialist III
Charlie Matthews FPUA Board Chairman
Cuong Tran Assistant Controller
Dade Cappar Apprentice Line Specialist III
Daniel Tillman Apprentice Line Specialist I
Denise Guillette Safety Officer
Edward S. Leongomez Plant Manager - Treasure Coast Energy Center
Eric Meyer Engineering Supervisor
Frank Fee FPUA Board Vice Chairman
Gina Morris Customer Service Manager
Glynda Cavalcanti FPUA Board Secretary
Jakub Pajak Electrical Engineer
Jason Drost GIS Manager
Jason Mittler Utility Designer
Javier Cisneros Director of Utility Support Services
Jennifer Krip Systems Operator
Jill Sabato Executive Assistant
John Tompeck Director of Utilities
Joshua Gang Director of Regulatory Affairs
Kristina Gibbons FPUA Deputy Secretary
Kurtis Strand Electric T & D Coordinator
Larry Mikel Morrison Line Specialist
Laurie Pepple Assistant Controller
Linda Hudson Mayor & FPUA Board Member
Lori Bianco Commercial Liason
Maurice Bacon Line Specialist
Melissa Martin Customer Service Supervisor
Michael Chidgey Engineering Technician I
Michele Harris Assistant Controller
Nikki Tipton Staff Assistant
Paul A. Jakubczak
Paul A. Jakubczak Director of Electric & Gas Systems
Paul Laguerre Utility Designer
Rachel Tennant Development Officer
Robert Vaughn Line Specialist
Rupert N. Koblegard III FPUA Attorney
Terrance Yearby Engineering Tech
Thierry Sydne Engineer Trainee
Tom Fryar ITS Manager
Tom Parker Electric Operation Superintendent
Wilburn Crawford Superintendent of Electric T&D
William A. Anderson Asst Plant Manager - Treasure Coast Energy Center
William Dupre Gas Operations Business Development Rep
William R. Kaeff Crew Supervisor
William Taylor Network Engineer
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