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City of Leesburg

City of Leesburg

PO Box 490630
Leesburg, FL 34749
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Al Minner City Manager
Adam Freeman Electric Apprentice Substation
Aidan Holmes GIS
Alan Irwin Electric Meter Supervisor
Amanda Hartley Assistant Service Planner
Arnold Eugene Electric Meter Tech
Billie Shell Customer Service Specialist
Bobby Boyd Electric Lineman
Brad Chase Electric Director
Brandon Barrett Electric Lineman
Branton Duke Electric Apprentice Lineman
Bruce Yawn Electric System Operator
Charles Padgett Electric Service Tech
Chris Adkins Deputy Director/Operational & Technical Services
Chris Hylton Electric Apprentice Lineman
Claude Allen Electric Line Crew Leader
Corey Nix Electric Lineman
Dale Delpit Electric Lineman
Dan Nester Electric Senior System Operator
Dan Robuck III Commissioner
Darrel Rankin Electric Line Crew Leader
David S. Thomas Electric Substation Supervisor
Debra Case Administrative Assistant I
Donald Varnum Electric Lineman
Edward Ellsworth Electric Lineman
Elise Dennison Mayor
Gregory W. David Deputy Director of Electric/Superintendent
James A. Williams Finance Director
James Pew Electric Senior System Operator
Jamie Leigh English Customer Relations Supervisor
Jay Hurley Mayor Pro-Tem
Jody Williams Electric Line Crew Leader
Joe Denham Electric Lineman
John Christian Commissioner
John Grady Electric Substation Tech
Ken Bowling Electric Substation Tech
Kerry Magamoll Electric Line Crew Leader
Kyle Collins Electric Meter Tech Apprentice
Lisa Robinson Customer Service Admin Assistant II
Lori Beach Business Analyst
Marie Carter Business Analyst, Electric Department
Mark Medley GIS Technician
Markenia Lee Senior Electric System Operator
Michael Abendschein Electric Senior Systems Operator
Mike Andrews GIS
Mike Pederson Commissioner
Pam Hester Executive Office Manager
Patrick Murray GIS Planning Specialist
Paul V. Austin Customer Accounts Manager
Paula Fuglestad Adminastrative Assistant
Quintin Phillips Electric Lineman
Richard Olson Lead Systems Operator/NERC Compliance Officer
Robert Simmons Electric Line Crew Leader
Ronnie Hancock Electric Contract Supervisor
Sabrina Hubbell Business Analyst, Electric Dept.
Sandi Lovett Electric Technician II
Sandra Ullman Electric Tecnician II
Sheree L. Walker Customer Service Relations Supervisor
Sherri L. Stafford Customer Service Accounts Assistant Manager
Steven C. Davis Electric Service Planner Supervisor
Tammy Magamoll GIS Analyst
Timothy M. Thomas Electric Service Planner
Tom Varner Network Analyst
Tony Utsler Electric Senior System Operator
Trent Brown Electric Apprentice Lineman
Tyler Hunter Electric Lineman
Zachary Prather
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