Pollution Prevention Programs Coordinator – JEA

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Primary Location: US-FL-Jacksonville
Job: Environmental / Laboratory Services
Organization: JEA
Schedule: Regular
Shift: Standard
Job Type: Full-time
Job Level: Day Job
Posting Date: Jun 14, 2019
Closing Date: Jul 15, 2019

Serves as coordinator of certain Pollution Prevention Programs including cross connection control program. Ensures all JEA external and internal outreach materials provide clear understanding of customer’s cross connection control responsibilities. Tracks state and federal regulatory changes that may affect JEA and our customers. Ensures JEA Cross Connection Control policy is consistent with current regulatory requirements. Represents JEA externally with regulators, customers and vendors on cross connection control issues and other similar regulatory programs.

Ensures JEA self-permitting program for water/sewer infrastructure meets FDEP requirements, the established Memorandum of Understanding between JEA and FDEP, and JEAs standards for review as well. Helps establish and track cycle time and other appropriate metrics to ensure program meets annual performance goals.

Serves as coordinator for Industrial Pretreatment permitting. Tracks permit renewal and modification completions and reviews by the respective compliance officer. Helps establish and track appropriate metrics to ensure program meets annual performance goals and tracks state and federal regulatory changes that may affect industrial pre-treatment.

Other individual contributor support duties as assigned by the Manager of Pollution Prevention Programs, such as assisting in various specific assignments in the Industrial Pretreatment Program.

Reviews, edits and evaluates customer contact materials such as regulatory correspondence, pamphlets/brochures, Web site information, the JEA Cross Connection Control regulation and Self Permitting MOU to ensure such materials accurately reflect JEA policy and other regulatory requirements.

Provides leadership to cross connection control and self-permitting teams concerning procedures and process improvement and maintaining viable relationships with JEA vendors.

Uses appropriate tools to identify process defects, identify appropriate control measures, and implements changes to reduce defects and improve efficiency.

Tracks regulatory changes in cross connection control, self-permitting programs and industrial pretreatment, and provides summary of changes and recommendations on process modification to ensure JEA meets evolving requirements or best practices.

Helps in identifying cross connection control, self-permitting and industrial pretreatment program trends locally and statewide to proactively address possible future corrective actions and inform others who are affected.

Attains and uses in-depth knowledge of CCC and self-permitting programs and JEA databases to properly manage customer accounts regarding permits, compliance, correspondence, etc.

Assists with all aspects of CCC and self-permitting programs as needed to ensure customers are notified of program requirements and appropriate actions are taken to bring customers or regulated entities into compliance.

Duties as assigned in the Industrial Pretreatment area, including support for permit renewals/modifications and other activities such as serving as a compliance inspector, permit issuer, or incident responder.

Performs other job-related duties as assigned.


Education: Bachelor's degree in engineering (environmental, chemical, civil or mechanical) or science (environmental, chemistry, or biology).
Experience: Five (5) years of successful experience in one or more of the following areas: engineering, technical project management, regulatory, environmental consulting, utility processes, database use and management.
An equivalent combination of education, experience and/or training.

A valid driver’s license is required prior to employment and must be maintained during employment in this classification.