Instrument Controls & Electrical Technician – Kissimmee Utility Authority

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Performs difficult skilled and technical work involving the repair, inspection, maintenance and calibrating of electrical equipment, process controllers, analog and digital process indicators, distributed control systems, electronic and electromechanical governors and all other control and monitoring equipment associated with electrical power generation. Does related work as required. Work is performed under the direct supervision of the Instrumentation and Electrical Supervisor.

Inspects, repairs and maintains a variety of electronic, electrical and electromechanical equipment associated with power generation and water treatment. Repairs and calibrates gauges, transducers, transmitters and pneumatic control systems, positioners and analyzers. Troubleshoot and configure programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems and electronic turbine control systems. Maintains and repairs computer-based equipment and peripheral equipment, software and database. Maintains remote supervisory equipment. Conducts inspections of electrical and electronic equipment at power plants and associated remote areas. Maintains maintenance and repair records. Observes and adheres to proper tag out and lockout of plant equipment and systems in accordance with clearance procedures, policies and practices. Attends training courses and studies independently to learn operation and maintenance requirements of power plant facilities, equipment and operation. Complies with information provided on Material Safety Data Sheets for all products. Handles and stores items properly. Assists with cleaning of plant facilities and equipment and general housekeeping. May be required to transport, mix, handle or use hazardous materials or chemicals. May be required to train and perform duties in emergency egress, accidental spill incidents, and other safety-related emergencies. Must be able to lift or displace up to 50 pounds. Performs related tasks as required.

Thorough knowledge of the components of a distributed control system and electronic turbine control systems, including basic programming. Basic knowledge of the principles of electronics, particularly in the solid state digital field. Basic knowledge of electromechanical principles of electrical power production using combustion and steam processes. Ability to understand ladder and program logic. Ability to work from blueprints, pencil sketches, written or oral instructions. Skilled in the use of tools and instruments employed for the repair, calibration and maintenance of electrical equipment, controls and instrumentation. Ability to conduct inspections to determine operating conditions and needed repairs of system equipment. Thorough knowledge of occupational hazards, safety rules and regulations and safety precautions. Working knowledge of potential hazards and procedures for fire and explosion prevention. Ability to read and comprehend technical bulletins, manufacturers operating instructions, and information dealing with power plant principles and practices. Ability to calculate, understand, and evaluate equipment performance including heat transfer, equipment efficiencies, water quality, and other related parameters. Ability to keep and maintain work records and make reports. Ability to read, understand, and comply with Material Safety Data Sheets. Ability to do intermediate level mathematical calculations. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Ability to work effectively with co-workers and the general public. Ability to understand and follow complex technical oral and written instructions. Able to distinguish colors. Must be able to use personal protection equipment properly and safely as directed or assigned. Must be able to work in adverse weather and operating conditions. Must be able to climb ladders and stairways. Must be able to gain access to and work in confined spaces and elevated areas. Ability to respond to utility or plant under emergency conditions.

Graduation from high school or GED supplemented by technical school course work and experience in the maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, process control equipment and instrumentation. Must be experienced with computers and software associated with control systems. Experience in steam process and power generation is desired.

A valid appropriate driver's license issued by the State of Florida.

Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) is a municipal electric utility. 

Instrument Controls and Electrical Technician salary range:  (Low) $40.54 – (High) $45.00.  Excellent benefits.

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