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JEAJEA is a separately governed authority. JEA provides electric, water, and sewer service to the City and surrounding regions.

JEA generated about $1.74 billion in annual revenue of which nearly $1.2 billion is electric, nearly $540 million is water and wastewater, and nearly $9 million is district energy revenue. It has about $8.2 billion in assets and nearly $3.7 billion in long-term debt. Capital assets include nearly $2.7 billion in electric plant, over $2.7 billion in water and sewer plant, and $33 million in chilled water plant.

JEA has about 2,100 employees of which approximately 1,600 are represented by 5 bargaining units:

Rate setting is the responsibility of the Board, not the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC). Base rate changes are implemented after a public rate hearing and Board approval. Fuel rate changes are implemented solely with Board approval.

The electric system serves about 476,000 customers. Power supply includes coal, natural gas, nuclear and renewables.

JEA is a member of TEA, a municipal power marketing and risk management joint venture, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.

The electric utility has been rated A2, A+, and AA by Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch, respectively. The water utility has been rated Aa3, AA+, and AA by Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch, respectively.

In 1997, the Jacksonville Council amended the charter and transferred the combined water and sewer utility to JEA. In 2004, the “District Energy System” was established to provide chilled water and district heating services. Since the transfer, JEA acquired seven privately-owned and one government-owned water and sewer utilities. The water and sewer utility service territory extends into portions of St. Johns and Nassau Counties.

The water system serves nearly 367,000 water and over 14,000 reuse customers. The sewer system serves nearly 278,000 customers.

The water and sewer system’s capital improvement program (CIP) through 2024 is nearly $1.5 billion.

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville’s population is nearly 912,000. The MSA is nearly 1,600,000. According to, 2019 cost of living in Jacksonville was 88% of the national average and the median home value is approximately $236,500.

Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer reports to the Managing Director/CEO who reports to the 7-member Board of Directors. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer are the VP and General Manager of Electric and the VP and General Manager of Water Wastewater.

The Chief Operating Officer will be responsible for approximately 1,200 of JEA’s 2,000 employees. 

JEA has a history of strong safety, reliability, and rate competitiveness. The Chief Operating Officer is not expected to be a change agent, but rather to continue and improve teamwork resulting in optimizing JEA’s operational efficiency with less effort and cost.


The ideal candidates will have a history of progressive management into executive responsibility of electric and water utilities. Candidates will ideally have experience with combination public electric and water utility with a unionized workforce. Executive leadership of a sizeable utility is highly preferred.

Management expertise should include proven personnel development with subordinates advancing into greater responsibilities including successor planning and development.

Candidates should also have a proven track record of exemplary customer service, superb community involvement, successful economic development, and accomplished employee relations.

The Chief Operating Officer must be an ethical, honest, trustworthy, collaborative, visionary, and tactical servant leader with a demonstrated ability to work with a similar governing Board.

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are essential. Candidates must have professional and executive level oral and written communication talents. He or she must be able to effectively interact with the Board, staff, legislators, administrators, local elected officials, and the media to convey complex technical and industry issues to lay people.


JEA will pay a competitive and market-based salary along with a full complement of fringe benefits, including relocation reimbursement, excellent retirement benefits, and comprehensive medical benefits, which are more completely described on the attached employee benefits documents.

Recruitment Schedule

Resumes should be submitted by:                                  April 30, 2021
Resumes presented to JEA:                                            May 7, 2021
Candidates selected for virtual interviews:                      May 14, 2021
Virtual Interviews:                                                           May 25 - 28, 2021
Candidates selected for Jacksonville interviews:             June 4, 2021
Jacksonville Interviews:                                                   June 21 – 25, 2021
Chief Operating Officer named:                                     July 5, 2021

Contact - sending resumes and cover letters in PDF format:
Kelly Fry
Mycoff Fry Partners LLC
(800) 525 9082

JEA is an Equal Opportunity Employer