Apprentice Meter Technician – JEA

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Under the supervision of Journey Level Meter Technicians,  Apprentice Meter Technicians expand their basic knowledge of residential and commercial meters to become a member of JEA’s unbeatable Meter Services team.   Specifically, this 8,000-hour multi-year apprenticeship program develops:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • AC/DC Network Analysis
  • Digital Fundamentals, Solid State Devices
  • Electrical/Electronic Control Systems
  • Solid State Analog Circuit Analysis
  • Microprocessor Fundamentals  and
  • Micro Computer Systems Troubleshooting

Apprentices progress through multiple modules of formal classroom instruction and on-the-job field training.  They also perform, under the supervision of a Journeyman, a limited range of basic, repetitive and routine tasks involved in the installation, maintenance, testing, calibration and repair of electric meters and associated equipment and/or electric current diversion investigations; this requires 24x7 availability. 

Periodic performance assessments measure knowledge and progress.  Apprentice Meter Technicians also enter into a written agreement with the JEA and the State of Florida, Department of Labor and Employment Security, Bureau of Apprenticeship.

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