Businesses that qualify as a small business under the Federal Small Business Administration guidelines are eligible for a 50% discount ($600) on annual Associate Member dues. Applicants in the small business category are responsible for determining and proving eligibility according to Small Business Administration standards ( and must provide the NAISC or SIC code under which they’re claiming eligibility on the corporate associate membership application.
All memberships renew October 1st. The cost of any new memberships made outside that time will be prorated according to the schedule below:

  • $1,200 October-September (one-year membership) ($600 for qualifying small businesses)
  • $900 January-March (Nine-Month membership) ($450 for qualifying small businesses)
  • $600 April-June (Six-Month membership) ($300 for qualifying small businesses)
  • $1,500 July to the following September (One-Year Membership with a three-month extension) ($750 for qualifying small business)
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