FMEA events through MAY 2020 have been canceled to protect the health of FMEA members and our communities.

FMEA In-House Training

Invest in your staff by improving their skills with specially designed industry training. FMEA offers live, on-site courses focusing on your organization’s individual needs with real-world solutions.

Excelling as a Supervisor (One day)

Learn the critical skills every manager must have, from time management and motivating employees to conflict resolution and effective communications.

Effective Office Communications (2 hours)

Everyone communicates differently. Your staff will learn how to identify and avoid common workplace communication traps while boosting their listening and conflict resolution skills.

Developing a Positive Attitude (1 hour)

If your staff needs a positive shot in the arm, this is the presentation for you! We present the benefits of a positive attitude as well as specific actions everyone can take to achieve and maintain a positive attitude.

Electric Utility 101 (2 hours)

The electric utility industry is complex and the range of acronyms used can be baffling. This seminar offers an excellent overview of how electricity is created and delivered, history of utilities, the various stakeholders and regulators, and how all the pieces of the industry puzzle fit together.

Setting and Achieving Goals (1 hour)

This presentation shows how to set SMART* goals, putting your staff on the path to achievement. (*SMART = Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timeframe)

Outstanding Customer Service (1 day)

Excellent customer service is essential to any organization’s success. Your staff will learn how to effectively handle any customer issue and exceed customer expectations while positioning your utility in its most positive light.

Electric Utility Business Operations (1 day)

Your employees will appreciate and understand how they fit into the day-to-day operations of the utility after this seminar. By examining elements from the electric industry’s history to emerging technologies and departmental functions, they will gain a solid understanding of every aspect of your utility’s business operations.

Identity Theft Prevention Program for Florida Utilities (Half day)

Under the FACT Act Red Flag rules, which went into effect January 2011, all utilities must establish and maintain an active program including policies, procedures and employee training for the detection, prevention and mitigation of identity theft. This class reviews the guidelines for complying with the Act.

For further information, contact Elizabeth Bendele, FMEA Manager of Member Services & Prograpms at (850) 224-3314 ext. 1002 or