Florida Public Power Mutual Aid Procedures

Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid Coordinators

FMEA provides mutual aid support to its members. The following are procedures to follow to both request and offer mutual aid services. Any time prior to, during, or after a major storm/hurricane, mutual aid coordinators will make arrangements for emergency assistance. Staff will work with you to either help you find crews or help you provide assistance to others. Prior to major storms, FMEA members are e-mailed a list of phone numbers to call for mutual aid assistance. The telephone numbers listed below are for cell phones that are on at all times.

Primary Contact:              

Amy Zubaly      (850) 251-6200      azubaly@publicpower.com

Secondary contact:

Elizabeth Bendele      (210) 844-8788      ebendele@publicpower.com

Back-up contact:

Korey Bush      (863) 834-5558      korey.bush@lakelandelectric.com

Before the Storm

  1. Check contact information. Make certain all of your utility contact information is correct in the FMEA Mutual Aid Directory.
  2. Identify available crews. If the storm is NOT predicted to hit your area, and you have available crews, tell FMEA how many crews you have available to assist others.
  3. Determine if you want to pre-plan or pre-stage mutual aid crews. If so, identify the type/numbers of work crews and equipment you think you need and communicate that to FMEA coordinator so they can begin to arrange the assistance for you.
  4. If you anticipate needing mutual aid, make sure to have logistical arrangements secured for all the responding crews: hotel/lodging, food, laundry.

After the Storm

  1. Call FMEA after the storm and update mutual aid assistance request if needed.
  2. Report your outage status. Outages MUST be reported to FMEA every 3 hours at these intervals: 5 am, 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm. This information is then given to the State Emergency Operations Center and reported to the Governor and all state and federal entities.
  3. Identify the types of work crews you may need. These include specialists in overhead, underground or transmission.
  4. Identify the types of materials you may need. For example, types of wire, connectors, cut outs and fuses.
  5. Identify the types of equipment you need. This includes bucket trucks, digger derricks and chainsaws.

FMEA’s Mutual Aid coordinators will compile a list of needs for your community, then work with APPA to contact other electric utilities, both in Florida and across the U.S.

If you received Mutual Aid assistance, please do not release the crews without alerting FMEA first in case they are needed at another utility.

Providing Crews to Fellow Utilities

If after a storm you have crews available to assist others, call FMEA to offer your availability. Please identify your crews’ capabilities, e.g., overhead, underground, transmission. Additionally, identify the type of equipment/trucks they can bring.

Directory Corrections and Changes

The FMEA Mutual Aid Directory is updated throughout the year and e-mailed to mutual aid coordinators and FMEA members throughout the hurricane season. Please email Amy Zubaly at azubaly@publicpower.com to make any changes.