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Journeyman Team Events

UPDTATE - Material change: This event will use 2/0 grounding cable for the jumpers which is more flexible so it will give the competitor the choice to remove it from the switch or out of the line connector. In addition, it will not be stripped on either end.
  1. Additional photos provided by Chief Judge:
    Photo 1
    Photo 2
    Photo 3
    Photo 4
    Photo 5
    Photo 6
  2. Q: How is the jumper connected to the switch?
    A:They are bus taps with a ½” stud requiring a ¾” wrench to loosen.

  3. Could you send pictures of the other side of the switch?
    Photo 7
    Photo 8
    Photo 9
    Photo 10
  4. Q: What size are the jumpers on the in line switch?
    A: 4/0 poly coated aluminum.

  5. What size is the primary conductor?
    A: Primary wire size is 336 aluminum and neutral is 1/0 aluminum.

Apprentice Events

  • 3 Phase Fuse Replacement Submit Question
    1. Q: Will the fuse barrels have an arc shortening rod?
      A: The fuse will be a Kearney 2.5. No shorting rod.
      Photo 1
      Photo 2

    2. Can we see a picture of the fuse barrel?
      A: Photo 3

    3. Q:
  • Hurtman Rescue Submit Question
    1. Q:

  • Phase ChangeSubmit Question
    1. Q: What kind of stirrups?
      A: Part label photo
    2. How far will the stirrups be from the dead end shoes?

    3. Additional Photos:
      Photo 2
      Photo 3
      Photo 4

      Photo 5
      Photo 6

    4. Q: Can you knock jack door out from back side of the switch?
      A: The fuse Barrel must be opened and moved using proper technique.

  • Pole Top Pin Change OutSubmit Question
    1. Q: How long of a lay out arm do we need?

      A: 30 inches.

  • Streetlight Head ReplacementSubmit Question
    1. Q: Can we get a picture of the street light head and arm?
      Photo 1
      Photo 2
      Photo 3
    2. Q: What size is the bolt head on the light head?
      A: 1/2"

    3. Will there be streetlight wire to change out too?

      A: No wire or connections.

    4. Is the streetlight event going to have a globe on it?
      A: Yes, it will be as pictured. 

  • Written TestSubmit Question
IMPORTANT UPDATE: FMEA Lineman’s Competition "Competitors packet" general rules and deductions have been added to the study guide for the Apprentice written test event.
  1. Q: What is the test format and what will be covered?

    A: The written test will be a 25 question multiple choice test taken from the following manual:
    16th Edition APPA Safety Manual

    100 General Rules
    400 Personal Protective Equipment
    500 Electric Utility Operations