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Journeyman Team Events

UPDATE - Material change: This event will use 2/0 grounding cable for the jumpers which is more flexible so it will give the competitor the choice to remove it from the switch or out of the line connector. In addition, it will not be stripped on either end.
  1. Additional photos provided by Chief Judge:
    Photo 1
    Photo 2
    Photo 3
    Photo 4
    Photo 5
    Photo 6
  2. Q: How is the jumper connected to the switch?
    A:They are bus taps with a ½” stud requiring a ¾” wrench to loosen.

  3. Could you send pictures of the other side of the switch?
    Photo 7
    Photo 8
    Photo 9
    Photo 10
  4. Q: What size are the jumpers on the in line switch?
    A: 4/0 poly coated aluminum.

  5. What size is the primary conductor?
    A: Primary wire size is 336 aluminum and neutral is 1/0 aluminum.

  6. The event of the in-line switch change out, after you already de-energized, tested and grounded the line can you remove the covers from the neutral and spool?
    A: Neutral cover must remain on and can be taken off once the grounds have been removed.
  7. Q:
  • 12kV Insulator Change OutSubmit Question
    1. Q: Can you post a better picture of the tie wire being used? 
      A: It’s a standard F neck perform tie wire.
      Photo 1

      Photo 2
    2. Q: Is this a stick only event or can a baker board be used?
      A: This is a stick only event.

    3. Are you using weight on the wire that's being moved out and how much? Or how tight is the sag?
      A: Span length will be 50ft with adequate tension to push wire out by hand. 

    4. What is the distance between the pole and conductor? We dont have the exact material and need to make sure our rigging is outside M.A.D.
      A:  From the pole to conductor is 22 inches.

    5. What is considered two points of control?
      A: Two points of mechanical control must be maintained before the tie can be untied. A lineman holding the conductor will not be considered a point of control. The tie can be started but not completely unwrapped on either side before two points of mechanical control is established.

    6. On the 12 kv insulator change out is that two points of mechanical control on the conductor at the pole or combined?
      A: You must maintain two independent points of control during untying, and tying in conductor.

    7. Do you have to cover B phase insulator while untying the phase?
      A: There should be some type of cover on the insulator or bracket to prevent incidental contact while untying the conductor.

UPDTATE - An update has been made to Step 3 of the event specs, and updated event PDF can be downloaded from the link below:
Event PDF.

Event Specification 3 
  1. To start the event, with an extendo stick the groundman will get an “R” switch and then close the by-pass switch and open the OCR from the ground. The extendo stick must be fully retracted and placed flat onthe tarp before pole can be climbed. 
    Change is as follows: 
  1. To start the event, with an extendo stick the groundman will get an “R” switch and then close the by-pass switch and open the OCR from the ground. The climber cannot ascend the pole until the switching of the OCR is completed.
  1. Additional Photos with measurements:
    Photo 1
    Photo 2
    Photo 3
    Photo 4
    Photo 5
    Photo 6
    Photo 7
    Photo 8
    Photo 9
    Photo 10
    Photo 11
    Photo 12

  2. Can you use a rated hook on the eye bolt to pick up OCR?
    A:No you must use an approved rated method to raise and lower the OCR. 

Apprentice Events

  • 3 Phase Fuse Replacement Submit Question
    1. Q: Will the fuse barrels have an arc shortening rod?
      A: The fuse will be a Kearney 2.5. No shorting rod.
      Photo 1
      Photo 2

    2. Can we see a picture of the fuse barrel?
      A: Photo 3

    3. Q: After you remove barrels can you lay down stick or does it have to be retracted?

      A: No, the stick must be retracted . It is not a good practice to lay the stick on the ground or use it fully extended to lift up a weighted object.

    4. Is it a point violation to lay the extendo-stick down to the ground to change out the fuses rather than retracting the stick?
      A: No, the stick must be retracted . It is not a good practice to lay the stick on the ground or use it fully extended to lift up a weighted object.

    5. Are we required to cut the tails off of the new fuses after installing them in to the new barrels?
      A: Yes, in real life I wouldn’t leave the tails so you cannot leave them in the event.

    6. Are you allowed to use a fuse barrel cup?
      A: Any approved device is acceptable.

    7. Do u have to cover up both sides of the neutral if you are working from the back side of the pole?
  • Hurtman Rescue Submit Question
    1. Q:

  • Phase ChangeSubmit Question
    1. Q: What kind of stirrups?
      A: Part label photo
    2. How far from the shoe will the stirrup be landed?
      A: 6’ in between two tape marks (8” apart).

    3. Additional Photos:
      Photo 2
      Photo 3
      Photo 4

      Photo 5
      Photo 6

    4. Q: Can you knock jack door out from back side of the switch?
      A: The fuse Barrel must be opened and moved using proper technique.

    5. Is there a designated direction that the stirrups and/or hotline clamps must be installed? Must the opening be facing the pole or not?
      A: The hotline clamp and stirrups openings must be facing the pole. The first tape mark is 6" from the dead end shoe and the second tape mark is 8" from the first, the jumper must be landed in between the tape marks.
      Photo 7

    6. Do all stirrups have to be taken off of phase before applied to next phase?
      A: Stirrups maybe installed in any order. 2 stirrups and a Fuse Barrel will be at the base of the pole.  Event must be returned to a mirror image for completion.

    7. Do we have to transfer the old stirrups or will there be new ones at the base of the pole to use?
      A: Hint! You can transfer the stirrups option 1 or install the new stirrups option 2.

    8. Will the jumper wire be coiled when installed on the new stirrup or will it be straight or however the last climber left it ?
      A: It will be coiled Ready to tap, However the jumper must remain as found. Tampering will be subject to  point deductions.

    9. Can we put the bottom hotline clamp into shotgun stick with our gloved hand if the switch is not tapped up on the top side?
      A: Yes. If you can reach it. Remember that the jumper must remain in its original form or shape.

    10. What is the length of the jumpers and the diameter of the coil?
      A: Top side jumper wire length is 5ft. Bottom side is 6ft. Jumpers were coiled using hasting fiberglass bolt cutters handle Cat No 10-365.

    11. Can you brush the stirrups in your setup time?
      A: Yes. The set on the ground.

    12. Can you install the new hotline clamp before you untap the old ones?
      A: Yes. Remember only 1 switch can be closed at a time.

    13. Can you tap up the top side hot line clamp first?
      A: No.

  1. Q: How long of a lay out arm do we need?

    A: 30 inches.

  2. What is our MAD for this event?
    A: There is no MAD , the line is deenergized ,but because it is not grounded the conductor cannot touch any part of your body except gloved hands.

  3. Can we hang our material bag on a part of the alley arm?
    A: Yes.

  4. Can you split the handline?
    A: Yes.
  • Streetlight Head ReplacementSubmit Question
    1. Q: Can we get a picture of the street light head and arm?
      Photo 1
      Photo 2
      Photo 3
    2. Q: What size is the bolt head on the light head?
      A: 1/2"

    3. Will there be streetlight wire to change out too?

      A: No wire or connections.

    4. Is the streetlight event going to have a globe on it?
      A: Yes, it will be as pictured. 

    5. Can you hang the hand line off the street light arm?
      A: Yes.

    6. Does the globe/shade need to be removed before the head is sent down?
      A: Yes, Globe/shade will be removed.

    7. Can you reuse old bulb and photocell?
      A: No, a new bulb and cell will be used per rule #4. Also old bulb and cell will be sent down per rule #10.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: FMEA Lineman’s Competition "Competitors packet" general rules and deductions have been added to the study guide for the Apprentice written test event.
  1. Q: What is the test format and what will be covered?

    A: The written test will be a 25 question multiple choice test taken from the following manual:
    16th Edition APPA Safety Manual

    100 General Rules
    400 Personal Protective Equipment
    500 Electric Utility Operations