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General Competition Questions •

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  1. Can we get a photo that shows complete setup with arrestor and steel L-bracket mounted to the cross arm?

Team Journeyman Events

4kV Lightning Arrester Change Out • (Submit a question)
  1. Q.- Can both linemen on the pole while using sticks, work on opposite phases?
    A. Refer to the Lineman Competition general rules.
  2. Tapped to main line or stirrup?
    A: Hotline Clamp and Saddle
  3. Can you open up the material during the set up time?

12kV Dead End Insulator Change Out • (Submit a question)
  1. Which way will the pins in the insulator be facing? Towards the jumper or away?
    A: All pins will be facing the same direction on the shoe and the bell away from the jumper. 
  2. Length of bell?
    A: 23 inches Salisbury part #151768 (photo)
  3. What type of stand-off and insulator to support jumper?
    A: The stand-off bracket is an Aluma Form part # 55269-14 (photo)
    A: The insulator is a Gamma 25kv part # 9325X-70 (photo)
  4. Type of dead end shoe?
    A: The dead end shoe is a Maclean Power Systems 4 bolt dead end shoe. Part # F305804 (photo).
  5. Image shows a pole ground and bond, will it have one?
    A: No.
  6. Can you post picture of the saddle?

115kV Transmission Line Bell Change Out • (Submit a question)
  1. Do we have to have 2 sets of grounds?
    A: You will be required one set of personal grounds at your work station. 

Vertical Hurtman Rescue • (Submit a question)

Apprentice Events

2-35kV Insulator Change Out on 8’ Fiberglass Arm • (Submit a question)
  1. Are insulators polly or porcelain?
    A: Porcelain.

A.G.S. Installation • (Submit a question)
  1. Is it a suspension or support?
    A: Suspension hang by a clevis eye.
  2. It says support, but shows picture of instructions for suspension.
    A: We will correct that.
  3. Stringing block, 7"?
    A: Yes.
  4. Sherman & Reilly?
    A: X100.
  5. 175 series insulator?
    A: 46kV Post Type Horizontal Clamp Top Insulator.
  6. Where will the block be mounted?
    A: It will be pinned in the insulator where the AGS Unit will be pinned.
  7. What is the spec for where the insulator bolt hole is drilled?
Hurtman Rescue • (Submit a question)
Single Phase Dead End Transfer • (Submit a question)
  1. NOTE: Correction on the specs for this event: You will only be required to transfer the dead end shoes, the wire will not be removed from the shoes. The poly bells will still have to be installed and removed.
  2. Length of polymer bell?
    A: Could be from 21 to 23 inches according to stock at the time of rodeo.
  3. Type of dead end shoe; 2-bolt, 4-bolt, spring loaded side opening?
    A: 4 bolt not spring type
  4. Bell on neutral?
    A: No.
  5. When referring to two points of contact are two hoist having to be used to move conducter to new pole from existing?
    A: Yes, or one could use blocks. 
  6. What will be considered acceptable/proper rigging to remove polymer and shoe from pole?
    A: Blocks or strap hoist with grip. 
Written Test • (Submit a question)
  1. Will the question come from the 15th or 16th edition paper says 15th. Last year question came out of the 16th edition?
    A: 16th.