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Signature Events

The Florida Lineman Competition

FMEA Legislative Rally

FMEA Annual Conference

FMEA Energy Connections Conference & Trade Show

Other Events

Board of Directors:
Meets three times per year and is charged with overseeing FMEA policy and direction.

Legislative & Regulatory:
Meets on an as-needed basis, generally two or three times a year, and oversees the legislative and regulatory activities of FMEA.

Safety and Training:
Meets quarterly and consists of representatives charged with safely operating their local electric utilities, including safety coordinators and directors.

Customer Connections:
Meets three times per year and consists of representatives working directly with customers (customer service, key accounts, energy conservation,demand-side management, and public relations).

Engineering & Operations:
Meets once a year and includes representatives working in operations, primarily transmission and distribution.

Renewables & Efficiency:
Shares information on effective utility renewable energy and energy efficiency programs, as well as discusses public policy issues.

Mutual Aid:
Consists of representatives available 24/7 to:1) discuss needs of the electric utility after a storm or other emergencies, and 2) provide assistance–work crews, equipment and supplies–to other cities/utilities after an emergency.